14 December 2022

Another Successful Installation in France (video)

Updated: 15 December 2022

This time with bean-to-bar chocolate maker and roasting expert Eric Lamy. A French film crew was on location the day the packaging machine was installed, and we created an inspiring short video from their footage.

Chocolaterie Lamy

‘We don't work here, we have fun. And it is our pleasure to share our passion,’ says the chocolatier himself. ‘From the beginning, when the business was founded in 2004, we decided to work transparently, sharing all our knowledge and experience of producing artisan chocolate with consumers. The tricks of the trade are shared in detail, inspiring both consumers and our team.’ Transparency has also recently been delivered in connection with the packaging process. Following the successful installation of Lamy's BTB25, a completely transparent, compact packaging machine is now in full view. ‘The marmots can finally retire now. Ha ha!’

Eye for detail

Lamy strongly believes that choosing the best ingredients is of vital importance in chocolate making. The chocolatier has extremely stringent criteria for the selection of his ingredients and a keen eye for detail. Working together throughout this project we were confronted with this several times, especially in the choice of design, packaging and materials. Fortunately, at Lareka we also firmly believe that every detail matters, and we work with the customer every step of the way. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the customer, our French agent Cédric Bolatto (PBF-Solution) and Lareka, we managed to incorporate all of Lamy's wishes and preferences to arrive at a unique, new packaging that perfectly complements the bar and identity of the chocolaterie.

Stronger Together

As in any project, we work with the customer to arrive at packaging that is both suitable for automatic packaging and meets consumer expectations. Our experience guiding chocolate makers in the transition to automatic packaging continues to grow, and we are only too happy to share our knowledge and experience. Whether the question concerns the ideal unloading angle for unmoulding a chocolate bar or the most suitable suppliers for sustainable materials in small quantities, we have the answers!