New, refurbished, or modified to your specific packaging requirements: Lareka has a variety of high speed packaging solutions available. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and overhaul of industrial packaging machinery, we have the expertise to streamline any high volume chocolate packaging process.​

We overhaul machines according to your packaging requirements. Whether you want us to increase the speed of a machine, adjust it to your product dimensions, make it conform with hygiene and safety regulations or shorten changeover times – Lareka can ‘optimize your packaging’.

  • ​High speed
  • Efficient and consistent
  • New and refurbished machines

Napolitains and
small tablets



Packaging machine

Napolitains and small tablets

Np350n Sample
NP350 Sr 02


Lareka machine

Our NP350 is a high speed wrapping machine for napolitains and small tablets. The machine can run with stacked labels in small and big quantities and with labels from a bobbin. This tablet wrapper easily wraps >500.000 products per shift per week. This wrapping machine wraps two layers of packaging material simultaneously around the small chocolate. The NP350 is your packaging solution for small and big orders, custom and promotional packaging and any other small chocolate packaging challenge.

• No more chocolates dropping out of the label.
• Can run labels from stack as well as from reel.
• Packaging speed of 350 tablets/min

Visual Chocolaatje


Outher Layer

Inner layer

From roll

Enveloppe Fold

Outer layer

From stack
From roll



Small tablets


Wrapping style


Size 2

Size range

min: 18-30 mm
max: 40-90 mm



350 products/min

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Lower production volume?

Are you producing <350.000? Take a look at our
packaging solution for low-volume production of
napolitains and small tablets

Refurbished packaging solutions

For industrial chocolate

We offer a range of fully refurbished packaging machines
from respected manufacturers


Large tablets

The SIG DST/DSN is a double-stage machine. It also is a very solid and reliable machine. The machine packages at a high speed. Lareka is specialized in the overhaul of DST/DSN machines.

Foto 50X70 Cm (1)


Large tablets

The SIG CL is a reliable, single-phase machine, actually a half DST/DSN. The machine packages large bars at an average speed.



Medium tablets

A SIG CK is a single-stage machine for packaging medium-sized bars. The machine packages the bars at a high speed.


Otto Hänsel Secura

Medium and large sized tablets

The Otto Hänsel Secura is a very fast and reliable machine. The machine packages medium and large bars. The Secura is a single-stage machine.

Otto Haensel Secura

Otto Hänsel Speedy

Small tablets

Otto Hänsel has various generations of Speedy machines, such as the Speedy 7210 + 7211 and 7216. These are single-stage machines. Speedy machines package chocolate varying from neapolitans to smaller chocolate bars at a very high speed.

Otto Haensel Speedy

Sapal TD/BB

Large tablets

The Sapal TD is a double-stage machine. The machine packages medium-sized bars at an average speed.

Sapal TD

Sapal BI-B

Small tablets

The Sapal Bi-B is a solid single-stage machine for small neapolitan chocolates. The chocolates are packaged at medium speed. The machines are very rare.

Sapal BI B

Rasch Fi

Large hollow figures

The Rasch Fi is a machine that is particularly suitable for large figures. The Fi is a slow-wrapping machine.

Rasch FI

Rasch RG

Medium hollow figures

The Rasch RG is a solid machine for medium-sized hollow figures. The RG machine can be compared with the RU machine, but for larger products. Lareka is specialised in forming sets for the Rasch RG​.

Rasch RG

Rasch RU

Various products

The Rasch RU is a versatile machine for smaller hollow figures. It allows for very diverse packaging styles and the speed depends on the size of the product and the product type.

Rasch RU

Nagema EK-1

Double-twist sweets

EK1 is a fast machine for double-twist sweets.

Nagema EK1