Wrapping small chocolates with inclusions

The Lareka NP60 is a low speed wrapping machine for napolitains and small tablets (350.000 bars/month). 

Wrapping small chocolates with inclusions

This versatile chocolate wrapper wraps different sizes of artisanal small chocolates in traditional wrapping styles.

• Perfect for (personalized) napolitains
• The speed could be increased to 60 tablets/min. because of the smaller size range compared to BTB25.
• Versatile, easy and fast size conversion.

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Buffer Belt for NP60 and BTB25 - Greater Convenience and Efficiency

As demonstrated in the video above, the buffer belt facilitates the improvements described because of the bigger surface area available to the operator when preparing chocolate bars and tablets to be fed into the machine. The buffer belt measures 2 x 0.70 metres, which means that the machine will be able to run uninterrupted for 10 minutes if the buffer belt has been filled with a typical NP60 product (a 5g napolitain, for example). These 10 minutes will free up the operator to do other work, like processing the wrapped chocolate products. To summarise, the buffer belt paves the way to consistently achieve maximum output with just one operator - that’s efficiency at its best!

If you want to achieve higher and consistent output from the NP60 or BTB25 with just one operator, the buffer belt is the product for you!

Wrapping Chocolate with Toppings | BTB25 | Low Volume Chocolate Packaging Machine

BTB25: versatile chocolate wrapping machine for low volume chocolate production. This chocolate bar packing machine is created for the specialized, bean to bar chocolate makers in need of a versatile automated wrapping machine for low volume production.

The advantages of the BTB25 are:
• Perfect for crafted, artisan chocolate bars
• Big size range
• Versatile, easy and fast size conversion