A Girl With a Pearl Earring: Made of Personalized Chocolate

Lareka's chocolate packaging machine (BTB25) in combination with the PCC cutter and printer make it possible to create unique chocolate wrappings in small batches.

A Girl With a Pearl Earring: Made of Personalized Chocolate

The design can be printed on the tablets individually, or as a chocolate puzzle (just like you see in the video above). Personalized packaging in such small batches opens doors for many business opportunities as personalized chocolate can be used to celebrate a birthday or graduation, share love and appreciation, promote a business, or just to treat yourself.

• Custom packaging in small batches
• Endless marketing opportunities
• End-to-end solution

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Personalized Chocolate Packaging | Customize your Chocolate Wrapping with the Lareka PCC

End-to-end solution for Custom Chocolate packaging. Lareka launched its ‘personalized chocolate concept’ (PCC) – an end-to-end solution that enables businesses to offer customizable chocolate puzzles, single chocolates and series of chocolate in small batches.

BTB25 for Tony's Chocolonely | Custom chocolate wrappers

Lareka developed a BTB25 for the packaging of personalized Tony's Chocolonely wrappers. This BTB25 wraps the personalized paper labels around the bars wrapped in aluminium foil. The computer is integrated into the machine so that the batch of the bars can be scanned (QR) and traced. The inkjet printer is integrated to print the expiration date and batch code on the wrappers.

This special project shows Lareka's ability to think outside of the box in order to create customized packaging solutions.