BTB25 Jordi Roca, Casa Cacao

Low-volume chocolate bar packaging machine for wrapping Casa Cacao's characteristic artisan chocolate bars.

Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine | Jordi Roca, Casa Cacao

We are happy to share with you we have successfully installed the BTB25 at Casa Cacao in Girona, Spain. This wrapping machine will be used for all three of their chocolate bars: big, medium, and mini. The Lareka BTB25 is a versatile chocolate wrapping machine for artisanal production (up to 150.000 bars/month). This flexible machine wraps a wide range of bars and tablets in premium packaging styles.

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Wrapping chocolate bars in cocoa shell cardboard

The BTB25 handles a variety of wrapping materials. This allows chocolate makers to choose from a long list of packaging materials for the inner layer; aluminum foil, biodegradable film, transparent film, or any other material that blocks fat and can be folded for the inner layer.

As for the outer layer, you can use paper, cardboard, and now even cardboard made of the waste of cocoa shells. And who doesn't want to wrap their artisan bar in a circular and innovative wrapping?!

• Perfect for premium chocolate bars and tablets.
• Big size range.
• Easy and fast size conversion.
• NEW: cardboard packaging

BTB25 for Tony's Chocolonely | Custom chocolate wrappers

Lareka developed a BTB25 for the packaging of personalized Tony's Chocolonely wrappers. This BTB25 wraps the personalized paper labels around the bars wrapped in aluminium foil. The computer is integrated into the machine so that the batch of the bars can be scanned (QR) and traced. The inkjet printer is integrated to print the expiration date and batch code on the wrappers.

This special project shows Lareka's ability to think outside of the box in order to create customized packaging solutions.