Harmen Streng

Production Manager

With the company 4 years

I work with the team here at Lareka to make sure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and at the quality required. Our motto: “Lareka pulls out all the stops”. I organise and plan and try to make sure that colleagues do the work that plays best to their particular strengths and skills.”

“We’ve made an important improvement to our procurement time, reducing it by a quarter, just by reorganising the ERP system. Besides FAT and SAT, we have introduced a new quality standard too: the LAT (Lareka Acceptance Test).”

“Based in Valkenswaard, Lareka works for a number of international customers. Some of them are renowned companies. I’m fascinated by the interplay between man and machine, the drawing office and customers’ wishes. My colleagues? They’re just as driven as me, which is no surprise because we work in a very inspiring environment.”


Jaap van den Broek


With the company 8 years

“The more technical the job, the more interesting it is. I can’t help it. I’m really passionate about machines. Especially the NP350 and the Ceres. I like to be involved in every phase of a project: from the drawing table up to and including the installation of a machine for the customer.”

“I started off at Lareka as a work placement student. The company made a real impression on me and one thing led to another. It’s always a challenge to develop a new machine and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it in use, doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I really enjoy that.”

“Here at Lareka, we develop cutting-edge machines in teams. The work I do here is very varied, so, I’m continually expanding my skill set too.”


Jan Pieter Eijkelenboom

Service Manager

With the company 24 years

“Service is a vital part of the package provided by a machine manufacturing company. So, my job as the Service Manager here at Lareka is a very varied one and includes spare parts, technical support, training and maintenance. The art is to keep the bigger picture in mind and look beyond the machines alone. For example, I help customers to resolve machine malfunctions themselves - via suggestions and ideas and tact and diplomacy too.”

“I enjoy the combination of people and technology that my job involves. I like to put myself in customers’ shoes and help them achieve the best possible solution. For example, small chocolatiers that have less experience of technology but want to supply a good product. They really appreciate this help.”

I work with all kinds of different machines at Lareka and a wide spectrum of people too. I enjoy my contacts with customers. It’s great to be able to help them improve their production processess.

Jan Pieter

Peter Caris


With the company 31 years

“Problems are there to be solved. Especially the problems created by machine malfunctions. I come into play when every other solution has been explored. As a trouble shooter, my job is to fix malfunctions, armed with know-how, an understanding of technology and a feel for what customers want and need.”

“I get a lot of satisfaction from custom projects because my knowledge and skill are drawn on every step of the way: from the drawing board to assembly, testing and installation. Projects like this are a challenge and all of them are completely different too.”

“My work has taken me all over the world. I have very good memories of a project I did in Japan, aided by an interpreter. I got to know the land of the rising sun in a very unique way.”


Renée Visser

Sales and Marketing Assistant

With the company 7 years

“As a sales and marketing assistant, I’m like a spider at the heart of the company's communication web. I handle requests that come in via the website, send digital newsletters and organise Lareka’s participation in trade fairs. I also help the company come up with ideas for the website and social media use.”

“Marketing communication now has its own place at Lareka and will become even more important in the years ahead. We have identified the company’s value proposition, established its house style and launched the website. Strategically, we’re on the right track. I’m part of the company’s outstanding sales team too.”

“My job involves continual planning, organising and thinking ahead. It’s handy if you can improvise as well, because things don’t always go to plan. There are plenty of challenges too, which means that no two days are ever the same. With great colleagues in the mix as well, I always head off to work with a smile on my face in the morning.”