Responding to trends

Trends create opportunities and our packaging solutions enable you to take advantage of these opportunities. Our developments are based on popular trends in chocolate and packaging. We responded to the rise of artisanal bean to bar producers with our ‘low volume, high mix’ packaging line: two machines specifically aimed at the packaging requirements of this new wave of chocolate makers. More recently, we have come up with an end-to-end solution based on the most popular trend in packaging: customization.



Last year (2019), 15% of our turnover was invested in R&D. In our field of business, it is of key importance to keep investing in research and development of new and improved packaging methods, technology and equipment. Because of this, we can respond to packaging trends the way we do.

MG 5898


Lareka has been 'taking care of confectionery' all over the world for over 25 years. In the past year (2019), sales outside of the Netherlands accounted for 85% of turnover, 50% of turnover came from exports outside of Europe.

Europe's smartest region

Lareka is connected to the metropolitan region Brainport Eindhoven - Europe's leading innovative region. Within this region, companies, knowledge institutes, research organizations and government bodies jointly participate in development. As a result, Lareka is always on top of the latest technological developments and benefits from quality distribution channels within this region.



Sprung from the technical department of a multinational cigar manufacturer, Lareka started in 1980 as OEM of packaging machines for cigars and cigarettes. In 2005, the company became independent. The knowledge and international experience our company has gained over the last 40 years make Lareka able to do it all: development, manufacture and overhaul of packaging machines.


Our ambition? To keep offering packaging solutions that enable you to capitalize on new developments and trends in the chocolate- and packaging market. We express this with the slogan "We take care of your confectionery and optimize your packaging". The latter is more than just a tag line; it is a promise.