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Your Partner 
In The Chocolate Wrapping Journey

Lareka Confectionery Equipment is more than a machine manufacturer; we're your partner in the chocolate packaging journey. We partner with chocolate producers, guiding them from the initial bar design to the final wrapping material choice. 

We understand that many artisanal chocolatiers and craft chocolate makers might be hesitant about automated packaging due to unfamiliarity. But with over 40 years in the field, and having crafted countless unique chocolate wrappings, we've faced and overcome numerous challenges. 

Our expertise grows with each project, and we're committed to sharing this knowledge, ensuring a collaborative journey from the raw bar to the final wrapped product.

From Craft Production To Industrial Volumes

For the passionate artisan crafting bean-to-bar chocolates, Lareka offers machines that blend precision with adaptability, ensuring each piece is wrapped to perfection.

For those seeking unique packaging designs, delve into our solutions tailored for personalized chocolate packaging, enhancing your brand's appeal.

Industrial producers can rely on our high-speed machines for efficiency and consistent quality, be it for flat bottom chocolates, twist wraps, or hollow figures.